About Me

Hannan Siddique is an internationally aclaimed makeup artist and hair stylist. He started his professional journey in 2008.

Memories of his earliest years are filled with pencils, paint brushes and splashes of colors As a representational artist, Hannan also loves to have fun with expressing himself through his creative work. Hannan’s background in the Arts has given him remarkable skills required to analyse the facial structure of a model, allowing him to interpret the makeup requirements of clients, to produce both creative and technically accurate visual representation of their goals. In other wonders he is that fairy Godmother who turns you into what you have imagined and even beyond!

He uses his understanding of the right pressures to apply on the brush when using different cosmetic mediums on the face, to enable a seamless progression- from captivating raw beauty to directional high-end fashion. Even before he makes a single brush stroke he has already crossed the boundary between reality and artist dream.

His artistry has been featured through numerous international advertising campaigns, along with editorials in various international magazines such as VOGUE, GRAZIA, GQ, HELLO and Remix.